Naruto Chapter 493 Raw Spoilers and Prediction

Read Naruto Chapter 493 raw spoilers and prediction online on this page. The said spoiler and prediction will be available soon on this page. Naruto 493 is awaited by lots of naruto manga readers online.
Naruto Chapter 493 raw spoilers and prediction info:
Title: Dilemma
Status: Prediction
Category: Manga, adventure, action, ninja

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  1. i think they r going to have a big fight using the fox power

  2. i just think they're going 2 talk and evil naruto says all bout narutos life and y he does all those things.

  3. I think that Evil Naruto will try to turn Naruto bad
    and Naruto will have to fight the temptation of gaining new power that being 'Evil' will give him.

  4. lololololololcats