Ruffa Gutierrez Wardrobe Malfunction Photo

There are news spreading the internet about Ruffa Gutierrez Wardrobe Malfunction Photo. They said that this scandal happened during the 26th Star Awards for movies in Henry Lee Irwin Theater at the Ateneo University last April 24, 2010.

But I researched for the wardrobe malfunction photo of Ruffa Gutierrez but I find nothing. People said that this malfunction appears when Ruffa, Boy Abunda, and Lorna Tolentino have a picture together. See the picture below.

Although her gown is revealing, I think that this wardrobe malfunction is not true at all. Just a hoax. What do you think guys?


  1. yeah i agree its not a malfunction shes just liberated!! lol

  2. Sorry, not interested with Ruffa.

  3. @Melody Yeah! She is liberated and she wont even mind it even this Wardrobe malfunction is true or not.

    @Josie hello! Thanks for the visit! I bet you are from adgitize.=)