Llama's Journal New Theme| So Green!

As you noticed, Llama's Journal have its new template. I decided to change my blog's theme because it is having some problem regarding with the big G's SERP.  I think big G is dancing around my blog so they keep on deindexing my blog for day or two.

I changed my theme to clean the excess HTML codes that I put before for some reason. So I removed all of them and retain the useful plugins for this blog such as the title tag and related post. I did not put social bookmarking sites because it takes time to edit the links and I think this plugin is not working with me.

The second reason why I clean up my blog is because I will advertise this blog on adgitize to get a lot of traffic and money as well. I will invest $14 for this and hoping that at the end of this month, I will get my money doubled.

This blog also supports G1BO! Go G1BO! GO! =)