Pinoy Singer Lance Raymundo's Freak Gym Accident

This caught my attention because I am regularly visiting the gym to build some muscles and kind of curious what happened to this filipino singer who got into this freaky gym accident where an 80 pound barbel hit his face.

This pinoy singer is Lance Raymundo.

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That face... I tried to search for some of Lance's photo after the accident but was not able to find even one. But if you are going to imagine, that would be a total wreck! 80 pound barbel smashed on a pumpkin. That's what it looks like.

According to Nina Raymundo, Lance's mother, ""The person who was assisting him on his workout accidentally dislodged the barbel on top of Lance's face when he leaned forward," she said."

Luckily, according to the doctors who are attending to his needs, his face can still be recovered after 2 major operations.

This is just a lesson learned for gym goers like Lance. ALWAYS handle gym equipment with care. Maintain proper built and always keep your focus.

On behalf of Llama's Journal, we are all hoping for your fast recovery Lance! 

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