Llama's Choice Award 2010

There are a lot of blog contest here in the Blogosphere. And I was just nominated as one of the “Most Handsome Blogger”, I need your votes this coming February 1.
Oh! By the way, I am candidate number 46. LOL

Now, Llama’s journal is conducting his first blog contest ever entitled “Llama’s Choice Award 2010”.

What is Llama’s Choice Award?

Llama’s Choice Award 2010 gives the opportunity for bloggers here in the blogosphere to introduce their blogs to other people. It is like you are shouting that you are a blogger and letting people know about your awesome blog. Shout Pinoy Blogger Shout!

What are the benefits that I can get here?
First: Blog Visitors. If you let people know about your blog, they will somehow visit this. Visitor is equal to traffic. Traffic is good for bloggers right?
Second: Ultra Mega Super trophy. I am not talking about huge and tangible trophies like the trophy in a basketball league. What I am talking about is the ultra mega super trophy that I personally made. Actually, it is just a simple photo shopped picture made just for you. Just another widget for your blog.

How Can I Join?

Llama’s Choice Award 2010 has 10 categories. This includes:
Best Blog Template: If you think that your blog has the best template|theme, then you fit here.

Best Blog Niche: If you think that your blog has the best niche|Topic, get in here!=}

  • Best Blog Banner: Bannerific Yoh! Make your best banner now for you to be include!
  • Fab Blog: Fab Blog means Fabulous Blog. If you think your blog is fabulous, then fine! You are welcome here.
  • Most Colorful Blog: Pink,Red,Blue, Yellow, ROYGBIV? Join this category!
  • Most Controversial Blog: If you think your blog is controversial, then go here!
  • Simple But Terrible Blog: If you think your blog is opposite to Fab blog, then go here!
  • Personalized Personal Blog: I am talking about blog without advertisements! The opposite of llama’s Journal. 
  • Poetic|Dramatic Blog: Emotional Blog? Just like the author? Okay, come here!
  • Newly Born Blog : 1 week old blog? 2 weeks old blog?  Join here!
How can I nominate someone?

If you want to join, hit the comment box with this format:
Name of the blog:
URL or Link of the blog:

For Example:
Category: Simple But Terrible Blog
Name: Llama’s Journal
URL: http://llamasjournal.blogspot.com

Rules, Rules, and Rules!

  • Everyone is welcome. Blogger, Wordpress, Joomla, or own domain.
  • You can nominate yourself!
  • You can nominate your friends!
  • You can only vote yourself once.
  • Blog this contest if you want. Do not blog this if you don’t like. IDC BTW.
Hint, Hint, Hint!

How can you win this contest? Want my Ultra Mega Super Badge? If you want to win, you need to have a lot of votes! How can you earn votes? Contact your friends and ask a favor. Voting is not a big deal.

Schedule of the Contest

  • Nomination Period: January 26, 2010 to February 5, 2010
  • Voting Period: February 5, 2010 to February 13, 2010
  • Announcement and Giving of the badge: February 14, 2010
Have fun everyone! Nomination starts now! 

Contest Update:

Here are the nominees:

Best Blog Template:
  1. Chaos Darky: Preview
  2. Richard Diongson: Preview   

Fab Blog
  1. Richard Diongson: Preview
  2. Love|NashyBoy: Preview
Personalized Personal Blog
  1. Love|NashyBoy: Preview 
  2. LifeinHoland : Preview
  3. Ahmerism: Preview 
  4. My Own Random Education: Preview 
  5. Sulat Kamay Ko: Preview 
  6. Zoan: Preview 
  7. Patpating Talinghaga: Preview
Poetic Blog
  1. Arvin95: Preview
  2. Goyo's Adventure: Preview
  3. Patpating Talinghaga: Preview
Newly Born Blog
  1. Funny Pinoy Facebook Fan Pages: Preview
  2. Zoan: Preview 
  3. The Wonder Twins: Preview
    Simple But Terrible Blog
    1. My Sari-sari Store: Preview 
    2. B'log Ang Mundo: Preview
      Best Blog Banner
      1. TSIREMO: Preview
      2. Kaleidos: Preview
      Most Controversial Blog
      1. Sulat kamay Ko: Preview
      Best Blog Niche
      1. No Benta: Preview
            The are still 3 vacant categories. Nomination is still open for:

            • Best Niche|Topic Blog
            • Most Colorful Blog
            • Most Controversial Blog
            Voting System
            To vote your preferred blog, I will create another blog post about the voting system before the voting period. All you have to do is to hit the comment box using this format:

            I Vote [Name of the Blog]
            For example:

            I Vote [llama's journal]
            That's it! Simple right? But please, do not comment here. Wait for my next post.=]


              1. Category: Poetic/Dramatic Blog
                Name: Written Feelings

              2. Dude, why did you put my blog's URL?? But that okay..you are still included..=]

              3. Category: Best Blog Template..
                Name: ChaosDarky
                URL: http://chaosdarky.net

              4. HI! thnk you so much for dropping by.
                I will join ur contest.
                CATEGORY: My blog doesn't fit in one of your categories. just put any category, whatever category you want.
                Name: MY LIFE IN HOLLAND
                (many people think that life abroad is better than in the phils. NOPE. That's why i blog to open the eyes of the readers that LIFE IS the same wherever you live.
                URL: http://www.mylifeinholland-faith.blogspot.com

              5. Category: Best Blog Template/ Fab Blog
                Name of the blog: Richard Diongson's Personal Blog
                URL or Link of the blog: http://richarddiongson.com

              6. Category: FAB BLOG
                Name of the blog: Love|nashyboy
                URL or Link of the blog: http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com

                Category: PERSONALIZED PERSONAL BLOG
                Name of the blog: Love|nashyboy
                URL or Link of the blog: http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com

                Category: FAB BLOG
                Name of the blog: Love|nashyboy
                URL or Link of the blog: http://lovenashyboy.blogspot.com

              7. Category: Simple But Terrible Blog
                Name of blog: My Sarisari Store
                URL: http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com/

              8. Category: Best Blog Banner

                Name of Blog: TSIREMO

                Blog URL: http://tsiremo.com

              9. aahhh, eehhh, i dont think that my blog fit in all categories.. pa comment nalang.. hehehe

              10. Category : Personal
                Name : ahmerism
                Url : ahmerism.weebly.com/my-blog.html

              11. Category : Personal
                Name : My Own Random Education
                URL : moreducation.weebly.com/myblog.html

              12. Category: Best Blog Banner
                Blog Name:Kaleidos

              13. Good luck to all bloggers who joined your contest!

                Puede ka pang humabol sa "most handsome blogger" contest! :)

              14. Category: Most Controversial blog :D [harhar] and Personalized Personal Blog.
                Name of the blog: Sulatkamayko
                URL or Link of the blog: www.aboutlouie.blogspot.com

              15. @Sidney Thanks for joining!

                @kurog haha! Kuya TSI talaga ha! lol

                @Ahmer Your blogs are nominated! Thanks!

                @Jag Thanks!

                @PinkDiaries Haha! thanks for the visit!

                @Scribler I am already nominated..=]

              16. @Renz thanks for joining..Most Controversial talaga ha? haha! Good Luck sa blog mo!

              17. ANO ang gagawin ko dapat? hahaha wala akong naintindihan! hahaha

              18. pwede bang sali ako dun sa newborn?

              19. @Zoan Yeah sure...You can join..=] Goodluck!

              20. Category : poetic / dramatic blog
                Blog name : Goyo's adventure
                URL : www.goyosadventure.blogspot.com

              21. @mister llama LOL..controversial trip ko haha..pano daw bumoto sabe ng mga supporters ko (as if) LOL

              22. @renz haha! may fans ka na jan ha! LOL tama yan! Mag popost na lang ako ng rules regarding sa voting..=]

              23. yun din sana itatanong ko? paano sila mgvo-vote? hehehe
                at pwede nominate ko na din isa ko pang blog? ahaha personalized sya : http://jongskie721.wordpress.com thanks

              24. @Zoan sure..anong category naman yung isa mong blog? I will update it kung pano mag vote..=]

              25. To All:

                May details na po about sa voting system!!! Read the update na lang po! Goodluck!=]

              26. mister llama: personalized personal blog yung http://jongskie721.wordpress.com :) dito ba mgvo-vote yung friends ko? at pwede ko rin i vote sarili ko?hehehe

              27. @Zoan cge..ililista na kita...=] dito ang nomination..tapos ung botohan sa isa ko pang blog post...pwede mo iboto sarili mo ONCE...Tapos friends mo din pwede. best of luck!

              28. CATEGORY: Poetic | Dramatic Blog
                BLOG NAME: Patpating Talinghaga
                URL: http://patpatingtalinghaga.blogspot.com

                CATEGORY: Personalized Personal Blog
                BLOG NAME: Patpating Talinghaga
                URL: http://patpatingtalinghaga.wordpress.com

                Sir Llama!!!! wahehe... ayan sumali na ako.
                Two categories with the same blog and diffrent platforms. :D

              29. Hello taga bundok! Sure! Update ko na ung list..=]

              30. hoy Llama. hehe.. yan kasali na ko jan, ni-nominate ako ng friend ko.. hehe.. goodluck. :))

                nga pala, blogger din dapat boboto? awts.

              31. @GOYO haha! oo nga eh nuh.. Pwede mo iboto sarili mo ONCE...Hayaan mo na ung mga fans mo sa ibang votes.. Maghakot ka na..haha! Pwede na bumoto.

              32. kahit hid=ndi blogger pwede bumoto? how?

              33. Category: Best Niche / Topic Blog
                Name: No Benta
                URL: http://no-benta.blogspot.com

                Category: Best Newly Born Blog
                Name: The Wonder Twins
                URL: http://the-wonder-twins.blogspot.com

                Category: Simple But Terrible
                Name: B'log Ang Mundo
                URL: http://myofwdiaries.blogspot.com

              34. I vote No Benta
                I vote The Wonder Twins
                I vote B'log Ang Mundo

              35. Thanks for the vote Wanderingpotter!

              36. ahhhh anong meron dito...di ako sure kung pwede blog ko dito..pacomment nalang po..thanks