Karylle and Yael Yuzon's Vintage Wedding Photos and Inspirations

Congratulations to the newly weds Karylle and Yael Yuzon! Woot! After so many years of living happily together there you are married already! I just remembered before when someone asked Yael if he can see Karylle as a wife material and he just nodded and said nothing, my mom commented that Yael is a total jerk not answering the question but that proves that he is not a jerk because he married Karylle for real.

Karylle and Yael's wedding is inspired to vintage scene so if you are planning to have a vintage wedding motif, then you must see their bridal gowns and suit and some other outfits for their guests. For me it's so nice to see those vintage inspired gowns for a wedding. 

I grabbed some of the photos on the internet for you guys so you have something to look at for your wedding inspiration.
karylle yael wedding makeup, gown design
Karylle's makeup during the wedding. It is very simple yet stunning!

karylle and yael's wedding photo
Here comes the beautiful bride! The gown is very gorgeous.

karylle and yael's wedding inspiration
With the guests. Very floral.
karylle and yael wedding selfie
With the Showtime selfie during the wedding. 

Again, Congratulations to you guys! :D We are waiting for more things to come especially your honeymoon and some more! lol!

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