Vhong Navarro: Cedrick Lee violated me and took video of it

During the interview to Vhong Navarro by Boy Abunda, he named several people who are involved to this brutal attack.

First is, Denise Milette Cornejo who is Vhong's friend who invited him to her condo in Taguig. Denise also framed him up.

Second name is Cedrick Lee who actually pointed the gun to Vhong Navarro. 

The revelation is, according to Vhong, Cedrick and the gang who attacked him also took a video of him half-naked while saying this phrase, "Ako si Vhong Navarro, ni-rape ko ang kaibigan ko." ("I am Vhong Navarro, I raped my friend, Denise.")

Cedrick and the gang also made fun of Vhong by violating him and removing his pants/shorts and showing his private part. This is really humiliating and they are going to use thise video against him if he showed up on an interview which he just did.

Well, don't be shock if you will see this video of Vhong Navarro being violated/humiliated  in your facebook news feed.

More update in ZambalesToday!

Update: According to netizens in Twitter, Cedrick Lee is the ex-husband of Vina Morales and is now trending in Twitter. 

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