The true identity of Deniece Cornejo who invited Vhong to her condo in Taguig

Deniece Cornejo, the alleged granddaughter of a big boss in GMA7 who invited Vhong Navarro to her condo and filed a complaint of an attempt rape.
image source: Strike a Posh wordpress website

This is the hottest issue right now in the local scene. If you are not yet informed, Vhong Navarro will be on a leave of absence is "The Showtime" because he is still trying to recover from a brutal attack in a condominium in Taguig.

According to ABS-CBN and the manager of Vhong, he was tied down, blind-folded and beaten up by some group of men that is being lead by Cedric Lee who is according to twitter, the ex-husband of Vina Morales.

On Twitter, there are news saying that Deniece Cornejo is the granddaughter of a big boss in GMA7. This is not yet confirmed but there is a BIG chance so if you will notice, GMA 7 already broadcasted the rape attempt of Vhong Navarro to Deniece which is not yet confirmed.

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