Denise Millete Cornejo, the girl who invited Vhong Navarro to her Condo in Taguig

UPDATE: According to The Buzz interview of Vhong Navarro about the truth. The person who invited Vhong to her condo somewhere in Taguig is named Denise Milet Cornejo according to Vhong Navarro.

I am not sure if I spelled it correctly.

According to Vhong, Denise Cornejo is like an even coordinator just like in ASAP. She invited to Vhong to her condo and had some fun like they drink wine and had talk. "Something" happened but there is no sexual intercourse.

On his second visit to Cornejo, he was shocked when he saw this guy inside Cornejo's condo pointing a gun to him.


So somehow, we are hearing the side of Vhong thru The Buzz interviewed by Boy Abunda.

So technically, the attempted rape case is not true. In fact, the girl show some motives to Vhong and he just reacted. If I analyzed it correctly, Vhong visited her twice and that second visit started it all.

Update: Cedrick Lee is the guy who pointed the gun to Vhong Navarro. He was also violated by videotaping of him half naked and instructing him to say that he raped his friend, Denise Milete Cornejo.

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