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Planking is one of the most famous of the internet "ing" memes on the web along with Owling, Horsemaning and a lot more. Planking is being done here in the Philippines to express something. It has created a lot of feedbacks from people.Some are positive but there are still negative ones.

Owling is on its way now. I am seeing teenagers who are posing like an Owl in the park etc. But I saw this weird "ing" meme. I think this is the newest internet meme but this is for adults only. Hah!

Scarlettjohansonning is the latest "ing" internet meme today. This has something to do with the accidental leakage of Scarlett Johanson nude photos so people are just doing what she does.
Scarlettjohansonning is a posing where your back or butt is exposed. Guys are Girls are doing Scarlettjohansonning although this is more appropriate for girls. I have searched some Scarlettjohansonning Photos that you might/not like. :p
scarletjohansonning photo guy
Scarlettjohansonning guy photo
Scarlettjohansonning photo sexy girl
Scarlettjohansonning girl photo
 funny scarlettjohansonning photo
Funny Scarletjohansonning photo
funny scarlettjohansonning pictures
Funny Scarlettjohansonning picture

Let us see how the public perceive this new internet meme. Let me ask you a question, what do you think of Scarlettjohansonning meme? Comment below.

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