Kindle Fire Price in Philippine Peso

Technology is getting cheaper and cheaper as month goes by. People can now buy previous gadgets or gizmos for a cheaper price because the advent of enhanced models are coming out every day. That is the reason why you should not purchase certain gadget after its release because the price of it might be decreased later on.

Kindle Fire Philippines
The  photo above is Kindle Fire by Amazon. The old kindle is kind of lame where you can just read eBook on it. It was more on educational purposes for geek ones. But Kindle Fire is different.

With Kindle Fire, you can now enjoy some features that you can see on iPods today like play games, watch movies, listen to music etc.

What is good with this gadget is it is definitely cheaper than Apple iPods. You can have it for only $199. Cheap right? The official release of kindle fire in the US will be on November 16, 2011.

I know that a lot of filipino citizen will be asking for kindle fire price in Philippine peso because it might get double. I am still deciding if I will buy online. The release of kindle fire in Philippines is not yet defined. So watch out for that. I know that it will be a blast!

Kindle Fire Specs:

7-inch IPS multi-touch display @ 1024×600 pixel
1.0GHz TI OMAP4 dual-core
8GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
micro-USB 2.0 port
3.5mm audio jack
Amazon App Store
Android 2.3.5
up to 8 hours battery life
Kindle Fire in USD: $199
Kindle Fire in Peso: unknown

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