How to load Prepaid Cignal TV?

how to load prepaid cignal tv
How to load Prepaid Cignal TV? Maybe a lot of you guys are asking how to reload your cignal TV prepaid subscription because unlike the postpaid where you don't have to reload it too often. It is just like our mobile phones where we need a load or credits to use it if we are using prepaid plans.

Okay first things first. You must be familiar with your account number and the plan that you want to avail whether plan 250, plan 390 etc. 

If you forgot your cignal TV account number, you can text your Smart Card Serial No. and send to 0918-9244625. To know your smart card serial number, it is located at the back of the card that is in your cignal TV box. Just take it out and look for it. I am sure it is there.

After knowing everything, you can now go to the nearest Smart load retailer and give your account number and say your subscription plan. Make sure that your box is plugged in before reloading your prepaid cignal TV.

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