Jed Madela Sexy Music Video

We all know that Jed Madela is a classical singer and I never thought that he will be having this sexy music video with kissing scene with Denise Laurel.  Jed admitted that he really felt awkward with the kissing scene because it was his first time to have a kissing scene on cam.

"Breathe Again" is the latest single of Jed Madela. He will be launching his latest album on ASAP this coming October 23, 2011. It has 14 tracks, 9 original songs and 5 covers. He also said that it is fit for both adults and young people.

Jed Madela sexy music video is embedded below this post from YouTube. You can watch it here or on the main website. 
Make sure to drop some comments okay? What can you say about Jed Madela's Breathe Again music video? Hot or Not?

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