How to switch back to the old blogger interface?

A while ago, I checked my blogger account as usual and saw this pop up on my screen that wants me to try out bloggers new interface for 2011. I hurriedly clicked it and voila! My blogger account's interface was fully changed. Frankly, I was not impressed at all. The new interface was so confusing and not easy to navigate compared to the old one.

Just now, I decided to switch back to my old blogger interface which a lot more better. If you are asking how to switch back to the old blogger interface, you can see a link on the upper side of you blogger dashboard. Click it and wait for the page to load back to normal.

What can you say about the new interface of blogger or blogspot? Are you using it now? Leave your feedback here.


  1. I think its terrible to be honest, I thought it would be like awesome like wordpress, but it's all jumbled up and takes longer for me post movies onto my site... -_-

  2. yeah it really sucks as it is hard to navigate. liked the old way

  3. yes I have a problem also I dont like the new one I want to switch back to the old one