America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 All Star Cast

The title might be confusing at first but let me show you the light behind this "All Star" drama of Tyra Banks. America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 or also known as ANTM All Star will showcase the previous models from season 1 to season 16. Let us see if who among these hot ladies will win. This is the complete cast of America's Next Top Model All Star.

Cycle 1: Shannon (runner-up)
Cycle 2: Camille (fifth place)
Cycle 4: Brittany (fourth place)
Cycle 5: Bre (third place)
Cycle 5: Lisa (sixth place)
Cycle 9: Bianca (fourth place)
Cycle 10: Dominique (fourth place)
Cycle 11: Isis (10th place)
Cycle 11: Sheena (sixth place)
Cycle 12: Allison (runner-up)
Cycle 13: Laura (runner-up)
Cycle 14: Angelea (fourth place)
Cycle 15: Kayla (fourth place)
Cycle 16: Alexandria (fourth place)

After reading the list, I was so glad that Allison was included because I really like her ever since. I am hoping that this quirky girl who is addicted to blood win this cycle. GO GO Allison Harvard! :D

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