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If you would ask random people you met everyday about their hobbies, I am pretty sure that all of them will say that watching TV is one of their hobbies. Being a member of a famous social networking site, I always notice my friend’s likes or hobbies like listening to music; sleeping, writing poems and watching television will always be included in their list. I wonder why. I asked myself, what are my hobbies? So if I will answer that maybe I will also include watching television on my list because it is really entertaining and a good way to kill boredom.

Since I don’t have a cable here in my room, I prefer to watch tv online free. Forgive me for that fragment because I really have to write it like that. Internet has evolved quickly these past years. Sooner or later, television will be gone because of the capability of our computers or laptops to have a built in television that is better than the actual TV. I am wondering if this will happen, are they going to give free tv to everybody since it will not be bought? Sounds cool! Let us go back to the topic. With the help of my computer with internet of course, I can now watch a lot of TV shows from all over the world.

The speed of the internet matters here the most because if it is slow, your computer will also buffer the show slowly and it might piss you off. It would be better if you buy faster internet at home for better viewing. I would suggest a website that enables you to watch free TV on the internet because searching for a legit website is so hard. Search engines are filled with dead links that will only waste your time. Try and browse the site. You can see instructions on how to use their service.

Speaking of their services, they offer 500 channels. They are even better than cable Tv out there. Try to imagine your computer having 500 different channels from all over the globe! It would be so good I would not sleep on time! With that, I can watch different genres of TV show plus movies from HBO or something. Watching free TV online is a good way to save money and be entertained at the same time.

What about you? Is watching tv is one of your hobbies? What is your favorite TV channel?

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