What is Bruno Earth?

Now I am intrigued with this keyword: Bruno Earth. I am tweeting for like 4 hours now and I just noticed about this trending topic about Bruno Earth. Even Bruno Mars is intrigued about it. I know that a lot of people are asking what is Bruno Earth? I know that this has something to do with Bruno Mars because Mars and Earth are.... Errr. No idea!

This is Buildex Pagales or Bruno Earth?
Or does it have a connection with Buildex Pagales who just sang the song of Bruno Mars entitled "Lazy Song"? I have read an article saying that Bruno Earth is Buildex Pagales. Buildex is one of the contestants of Pilipinas got talent season 2 that will be ending tomorrow by the way.

I have searched photos of Bruno Earth and these are what I have got:
Okay, not a good idea!
So these are one of the videos about Bruno Earth:
So everything doesn't make sense at all! What do you think about this Bruno Earth trending topic? Can you please enlighten me?


  1. That video is not Bruno Earth. And Bruno Earth is what a judge called a contestant in Philippines Got Talent, Buildex Pagales. He's not impersonating Bruno Mars but he sang Mars' song, Lazy Song. Mostly, he sang acoustics not only from Bruno Mars. I'm also surprised that Bruno Earth is trending.

  2. LOL Bruno Earth! So what's next? Bruno Mercury, Venus, etc..?!? HAHAHA! :P