Are You into Sports?

Huge percentage of humans here and abroad are sports lover. Admit it or not but I am not one of them. I have been saying this thing here on my blog for so long so my readers are already aware of this. It is not that I hate any sports out there or the people who are into sports but I just don't have interest with it. I still remember this one time where I was obliged to play badminton and believe it or not, I won! Haha! Too bad my classmates at that time did not do some sports bet on that game! They might have won too right?

I also remember that this coming July, team Azkhals (did I spelled it right?) are going to have a football game against Sri Langka here in Metro Manila and my friends in college asked me last night if I could come. Since the tickets are affordable, I replied yes.

I am wondering, what should I do there? Maybe look for celebrities or take some pictures for my blog and have fun with my friends. But I think I must enjoy the game too. Or maybe, I could join my friends do some football betting and see if the Team Azkhals is gonna win. That excites me! 

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