Life after High School

My high school days was so yesterday, I can still recall my morning classes especially my Calculus subject that was really a pain in the head. Every afternoon where me and my friends walk together and just make fun of kids on the street and just laugh. High school was still the best for me although I am having fun with my college life now but High school was still the best.

But after our graduation, all of us took different path in life. Some went in the city like I did while some stayed in the province to spend their college life on the same University. I guess they might wear their old uniform just like in high school. Everything changes back then

Almost 90% of my batch mates make it through college. Some took Engineering, Psychology, Dentistry and Nursing which is the most taken course of my batch mates. I am seeing a lot of my batch mates wearing nursing scrubs and it's kind of amazing.

Life after high school is unpredictable and somehow exciting. Unpredictable in a way where you can't be so sure of what will happen to you and your friends in college. Would you still go to college? Would you wear a nursing uniform or an engineering uniform? Or would you rather not wear a uniform? It is also exciting because of the new life that is awaiting for you to discover. New faces and experiences that you will surely treasure.

To all graduates of the class 2010-2011, Congratulations and Best of luck. College life awaits you. It can be so rough but in the end, it would still be your choice. Your end lies on every decision you make in the future. 

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  1. I'll really miss my high school life. If I have the guts to make is a bit longer I will but sadly, all good things have their endings and so as with high school life. Nakakaexcite magcollege pero mamimiss ko ng sobra to.