Sharon Cuneta Natapilok! (Fell on stage)

Sharon Cuneta fell on stage during her birthday concert last night. She was singing while dancing on the stage then suddenly, she fell. And yes! The show must go on, Sharon still finished the concert despite the fact that the incident hurt her. Today, she made a headline saying "Sharon Cuneta, Natapilok!".

Sharon even made a joke last night with her best friend AiAi Delas Alas, she said: "Buti ikaw bumabaligtad-baligtad lang, e, ako nahulog!" while laughing.

KC Concepcio also tweeted this: "After the show mom felt some pain in her neck and back, and also had dizzy spells. She was brought to the ER, all's clear, exhaustion lang".

Get well soon Megastar!


  1. bakit kaya sya natipalok..??

  2. wawa naman cya ...:'(

  3. tanga ba nman ksi

  4. ang taba taba kasi tapos nagtu-twist hahaha buti nga.