Denise Laurel is pregnant with Diamon Simpson's child issue

This isn't confirmed yet. Denise Laurel didn't appear on media to clarify this rumor about her. This started during her absence or disappearance on the Kristine Series on Kapamilya Network. Now, the rumor became so controversial because people are claiming that Denise Laurel is pregnant with Diamon Simpson's child who is PBA player.

A sister in sorority of Denise Laurel confirmed he said issue but it is still decent for us to get the side of Denise right? But because of this, people are having second thoughts.

The director of Kristine series said that the disappearance of Denise Laurel in Kristine is part of the story. She will come back soon.


  1. Yes I think her disappearance is really part of the story as far as I can remember, coz I have read Kristine Series in pocket book. :))

  2. miss u denise so much...

  3. lgi ko inaabangan ang kristine coz i though ba2lik pa denise sa set! ndi na pla.. sad 2loy ako and even my family and friends!!!