One Winner of 6/55 Grand Lotto Jackpot according to PCSO

I don't know if this is a good or bad news because people are waiting for the lotto results every night hoping that their number snatch the grand lotto jackpot prize

Tonight, November 29,2010, PCSO announced and confirmed that someone already won the lotto. This man is soloist. He is really lucky and I guess, the money is really for him or her. The identity of the winner is still unknown and I think it is better to hide it to protect his or her life right?

So for those people who are asking this: Who is the winner of Grand Lotto Jackpot 6/55? Well I can't answer that now. All I can say is he must use the money wisely. It is still an easy money and it can banish easily too.

The winning lotto number for tonight is 11-16-42-47-31-37 which was drawn just now. The lucky winner will receive P741,176323.20

Congratulations Sir/ Ma'am! Wanna share the money? Contact me now :p