The Web Designer within me

Hey folks! I am not here to post something about issues and scandals because I already posted one before about the newest video scandal of Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho. I just want to  update you guys about the thing that I did for the whole day. Well this is a semi-personal blog so don't react if you are a first timer here on my blog.

I tried to finish a web page for my first ever client. She is a dentistry student in University of the East and she wants me to create their dental clinic for their project in Finals. She just gave me the important details that I must include and link with each other. While the design, color, column etc. depend on me. I said to her that I can finish their web page on Tuesday and she can pick it up at school. Well, the web page is almost done (all I have to do is the linking).

Below are some of the snapshots of the web page that I did from them. I need your comments or constructive criticisms so I can improve my work in the future. I also planning to design some web page for people who wants to put up a website who doesn't have any idea about HTMLs. My tagline should be cheap and affordable web site design.
Front Page of the Web Page
Another page of the web page
What do you think guys? Please I need your comments and suggestions. Constructive criticisms are highly accepted. Thank you in advance!


  1. I suggest you put a URL to her site or post bigger pictures. I can hardly see them :)

  2. Carlo, kindly click the image to enlarge it. :) This website is not yet publish on the internet. I think she will need the HTML codes so she can present it to her prof.

  3. I know, still too small to judge :P will wait for the finished product to see :)

    Is it a programming class? If not, it'll just be easier to create a blogspot/wordpress blog, then choose an appropriate theme. It's just a static site with a few pages right?

  4. HAHA! I just clicked the image and yes, it is too small. :p Sorry, my bad.

  5. If you're not already done, I think you may want to add a search bar somewhere above the navbar. Viewers are always lazy and would rather use a search bar instead of navigating through the site.