How To Make a Better Blog?

Making a blog is a good way to express our feelings towards certain things or happenings in our life. Our blog can be our journal for us to release the deepest part of ourself. I started blogging when I am not emotionally stable. Things are so hard to comprehend and carrying all of my problems  is killing me on the inside. Then I decided to have my free blog for me to throw everything away (emotional garbage).

I started on WordPress then I decided to move in to blogger. The platform of blogger is very easy to navigate and you can choose a lot of awesome themes.

Here is my basic step by step tutorial on how to make a better blog:
1. Choose a blog platform. Choose WordPress if you want a minimal blog. If you like a more stylish blog design, then choose blogspot. I haven't used any blog platform except for the two.

2. Sign up first. You should fill out the form with your exact details of information for you to access your own dashboard and start writing your first blog post.

3. Choose your design. Just search for free theme and download the file. There are thousands of them so choose wisely. If you know basic HTML, then it is your advantage. Design your blog uniquely. There are millions of blogs on the internet now. Better be unique and stand out.

4. Put on the widgets. Widgets are HTML codes that you can inject on your blog. Some of them are so cute like the hamster thingy. Some of them will track you blogs visitors or blog statistics. But put the widgets that will help your blog. Some of them will make your blog load slower than usual.

If you have your own blog and followed the basic steps that I have mentioned above, you can now attract visitors or traffic on to it and earn money from it. Yes! You can earn money from your blog, in fact I can now buy things online using my money from my blogs. It is just not a virtual money, it is for real! Traffic is the key to success. To be able to do that, you must write quality contents. You can also perform seo or search engine optimization on your blog. I did SEO here on my blog, and it is perfectly working! I am having thousands of visitors everyday.

What do you think? What are the important things to do on how to make a better blog?


  1. this one is really a great help for those people who want to be a blogger as well =)


    Yes indeed! And I hope they find it interesting also. Thanks for reading my blogpost!