School Update

 I was supposed to post this blog post on my other blog but for some reason, I decided to post it here because I think my readers deserve some piece of my personal life as a college student. Well this week was a busy week for all of us because we are having our prelim exams so we really need to study hard and pass every subjects right?

In my case, it was not that hard for me because I knew that I did my part during our classes like jotting down, listening to my prof and I am focusing so hard. As much as possible, I don't want to chat with my friends during our lessons. Now, I am confident that I am doing good and I will pass the prelim.

I just want to share my rant about my classmate (well he is OLDER than me) who sat beside me during our exam and he keeps on looking on my paper. He also asked me if I do have a cellphone load so I can send him all my answers. I mean WTF dude! You are not my bestfriend. In fact you just talk to me when you need something. Well he sat with the wrong guy because I am not that kind of student. I don't let anyone do this like copy someone's answer to a test question. He needs to learn from it you know. But I felt bad afterwards.

Tomorrow, I will be having my last 3 exams on RDBMS, Economics, and World Literature. After that, I am ready to party (if there is any). I am craving for some booze and fun time with my friends. Oh I probably miss the old days.

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