A Must Have for Bloggers!

Blogging is the new Journalism. I have read that phrase somewhere in the internet but I forgot the specific site. It sounds great right? There are so many people studying a Journalism class just to be someone they wanna be without knowing that there is an easy way to be an instant journalist and have their own sites or blogs where they can write their thoughts, opinions, and desire for the country or for themselves.

That is why I am very proud to be a blogger and I will never stop blogging. Unless my mom don't pay the bills. Being a blogger is a big advantage for an individual because you can be recognized if you make good articles offline and online. You will also gain new friends, knowledge, and respect from the people that you encounter everyday.

Blogging feels like I am a professional one. I don't own a company and don't have my employees but I have a blog. Blogs to be specific. I think I need to have my personal contact cards. Maybe there is someone who wants to contact me or hire me in their business as a writer or encoder perhaps. I will do some drafts later using my Adobe Photoshop. I will think of something creative and geeky that fits my taste as an IT student and a graphic designer wannabe. 

(Common business and contact cards designs)

What are the tips in making a personal contact cards?


  1. This is so true... You can also gain expertise in writing once you started blogging. You will be able to see different blogs and different ideas, whereas you can apply to yourself as an aspiring writer. And who knows, you'll be able to write great books and articles and journals and so on...in the near future! Enjoy blogging!!!

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  2. Sure Thing Khaye! Thanks for your thought!

  3. I like blogging as well. Although, I wish to have taken an IT course back in college so that I would not find html editing and SEO overwhelming.

    Happy blogging!

  4. I think that is the advantage of IT students or IT grads because we have a huge background in editing HTMLs. But HTMLs are not that hard to comprehend naman eh. You have to try. If it doesn't work out, then UNDO it.

    When it comes to SEO, ganun din naman. Actually we never studied it at school. Self-study lang.