Always Have A Nightmare

I just want to share my story about having a nightmare during my sleep. People said that women will never have a nightmare but guys will do. I don't know the exact explanation about the difference of women and man's mind. I wonder how true is this.
I am 18 year old college student (Well I will turn 19 this December) and I am afraid to die. I have this problem during my sleep because I am always having a nightmare. The feeling of dreaming something like drowning or being stalk by someone or something you don't know then you will wake up gasping for air or can't hardly breath. I hope I would be able to be safe during my sleep and hoping to enjoy life until I have my family and with the person I truly love. If else, I will be force to have my Life Insurance No Medical Exam. I know this is kind of weird because a 19 year old kid will be having his life insurance! *LoL*

I also read that eating cheese before sleeping will trigger our mind to have a nightmare. Again, I am not sure about it. But hey! I love cheese and I won't stop eating it as my midnight snack.

What about you? Have you experienced a Nightmare? What are the effective way to get rid of Nightmares?


  1. Just try to relax your mind before sleeping and prayers do a lot of miracles too!

  2. Thanks for the tip Eric! :) I will try doing that.