College Sports Fest

College Sports fest is like the most fun and exciting part of our term. But not for me. I don't play any sports and I am not planning to learn one. As a part of our school's student council,(YES! I am the Public Relations Officer) we have to work for it. Like we have to find some sponsors or work hard to find some funds for our team's basketball uniform. That is not a joke! We went to Manila City hall last week and tried our luck there. Apparently, they are not that generous. I mean they have funds for us since our school is a private and international one so they have to give us what we deserve. Guess what they gave us, 200 pesos. That is the value of walking and roaming the second and fourth floor of the Manila City Hall!
My another concern would be the tryouts for the athletes. I am responsible for the athletes of Swimming and Dancing (Cheering Squad to be exact). My problem is, I don't dance and I don't swim that good. I only know how to swim like an ordinary guy--nothing special though. When it comes to dancing, I only know how to dance like a chicken. *LoL* I decided to forget dancing when she left me during my elementary days (I used to be a dancer).

My friends who will play basketball asked me a while ago to come with them this coming friday for their tryouts. I said NO! But they insisted. They say that they will teach me how to play basketball and how to dunk like a pro! If I mastered that, well you will just see me on the court! HAH! 

I hope everything would be fine. I wish I can get enough funds for our quota (5000php) so the president won't scold us. 


  1. Dancing like a chicken!!! Hahahahahaha... Okay, that was funny. Have a BLAST on the tryouts... Wishing you the best - like learning how to dunk and all... Hehehe...
    200 pesos? Kumusta naman un!!! Haha goodluck... Sana makahanap ka pa ng sponsors ^^

  2. HEHE. Thanks for visiting me here Khaye! Sana nga maabot ko ung quota ko. Hirap ng ganito. Parang namamalimos. :)