Blog Make-Over Again?

I hate this feeling! I think I will never be contented with what I have right now. Something triggered me to have a blog make-over again and I started searching for simple and elegant themes for my blog. I had my blog make-over last month after I discovered thesis template for bloggers. I am satisfied with the output because I think it is elegant and looks neat. But I think there is something missing.

I am looking for a template that has these characteristics or functions:

  • Simple and Elegant
  • Looks Neat and easy to navigate
  • 3 or 4 columns
  • Easy to manage
I have searched the internet to find the keywords that I want to emphasize but I found none. I will still look for one and I hope I can have my blog make-over before weekend.
Thinking so hard

What do you think guys? Do I have to change my theme now or do I have to maintain it? I need your honest opinion guys. Please help me.

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