I am now Using SimpleFolio Template!

I finally found a new template for this blog after craving for some changes last night. I hate myself for not being satisfied easily when it comes to my blog's theme. As you can remember, I just had my blog make-over last month and I applied thesis template for bloggers. Now, I promise that this template that I have right now will last until New year. I will never change it unless something bad happened or if it has some bad effects to my blog's performance like speed, SEO and so on...

So far so good. I am pretty satisfied with this one. I browsed the internet for like 3 straight hours today searching for simple, elegant, and professional template. Luckily, I found this. 

Simple Folio, Free Portfolio WordPress Theme
SimpleFolio Theme For Bloggers

I am currently using SimpleFolio. A wordpress theme converted into Blogspot. I am a big fan of wordpress themes so I terribly want to use one even though I am a wordpress user (well I was).

If you would ask me my verdict about the theme, it is a simple and elegant theme. It has the best typography ever! Very cold to the eyes and navigational as well. I am planning to tweak it to make add some columns on the footer. I also deleted the small slideshow on the top of the page because I don't have something to feature and it is time consuming. It took me an hour to finish it including the application of widgets and insertion of some HTML codes.

I also want to ask you guys about my new template. What can you say about it? Please drop your comments.


  1. It looks professional and elegant as you describe the template itself. Since this is more of a showbiz page, It looks more mature and more reliable facts will be posted.. you can be a pep competitor site :)

  2. AHAHA! That is very flattering Kha! :) PEP competitor? WHY NOT?! LOL