Our Christmas Plan

I am really excited for the yuletide season because a lot of things will change after the season. Some of my relatives in the US will be going back here in the Philippines to celebrate Christmas with our clan in Baguio. I am sure it would be a blast! I am pretty excited for the presents and experience itself because this will be my first time to spend my Christmas vacation in Baguio although I have been there before (after New Year's Eve). There will be a super wedding and it will surely change everything especially my surname eh. But that is okay although my grandpa is super sad about it because I am the only guy in the family and I should spread our clan's surname (Just a tradition).

I also make my own Christmas wishlist. I hope my mom can read this one so she will have an idea about the things that I want to receive.

Sponsor Anyone? :)
I know that Christmas is just not all about giving expensive presents to each other but this the time for forgiveness and love. My goal is to have more awesome friends because I really need them. I have proven it before so yeah, I won't be shy to meet new people and making them as my friend (Offline and Online). It looks like I will be giving more Christmas Cards since I have a lot of friends.

What about you? What is your plans this coming Christmas? Any wishlist on your mind? Share it with us.

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