Shaina Magdayao Speak Up Against the Scandal with John Lloyd Cruz

People asked for it and I think people need it. They want to know the truth behind this Shaina Magdayao and John Lloyd Cruz Vaginismus Scandal. If there is a smoke, probably there is a fire. This issue is still vague to all of us and the only thing to make it all clear is to hear the reason from the people that are present with this issue. 
Shaina Magdayao finally faced the media and said something about this scandal. I have watched it on TV Patrol and this is what she said: No! Hindi po totoo yun!. And she was weary before the interview because she knew that the media will throw the biggest issue to her now that she have her new TV show entitled "Alyna".

She also said that if this scandal is true, then there must be some photos or videos of this. But we don't have that. So I think Majority wins? 

What do you think? 

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  1. well, it can't be shown with pics and videos because primarily medical practitioners or nurses is being taught about privacy thing so if if they will get pics of that or videos they should ask the patients not merely take pics of that. read more there ethical responsibilities of medical coursers so you could understand but all i can say that i think this is true and sometimes we just have to deny because its very scandalous.