Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez are Married!

This is not a hoax! TV Patrol confirmed it with a photo of Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez wedding. Their wedding was like held at a tribe where they wore an ethnic suit. Mariel Rodriguez was not wearing a white gown but a red ethnic dress. (The one you see in Baguio).

They marry each other in Baguio City last Monday. Robin's son was there and the proper word for their dress is "Bahag". Rice wine also symbolizes their marriage and this is a typical wedding ceremony for Igorot people.
I am still looking for photos and videos of Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez Wedding. This kind of news is very shocking because they were together for like a month or two right? Excited much? Or they just really love each other? I think this must be love! :D For more details regarding the Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla Wedding, kindly visit the link provided.

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  1. The news came as a surprise. I'd always thought Mariel would opt for a more traditional wedding where she gets to wear a gown with a flowing train