Formal Attire For Men

As a college student is an International school is good. The quality of education is a lot better than the other public schools here in Metro Manila. Our uniforms are kind of unique too because we need to wear a corporate wear during Wednesdays.
(This is me)
Me and my mom always go to the Mall to buy some mens accessories like mens tie or mens belt. These items are good for teenagers like me. When it comes to tie, I prefer Silk Tie because it is smooth and more stylish. When it comes to belt, I prefer Leather Belt  because this kind of belt is more durable. It is up to you if you want to add some Tie Cufflinks but I don't see any student wearing this kind of accessory. 

So the next time you wear formal attire, make sure that you choose the perfect match for each items because what you wear will represent who you really are. It is still advisable to do your best when it comes in choosing your attire for the day. I don't wear clothes just to impress the people around me but to stay presentable because we never know the circumstances. So the next time you wear this kind of outfit, remember this: "Always look good".


  1. White is the safest color for a formal shirt during a formal event. It's also the best choice especially when you're having a black tie parties or a job interview.

  2. A very pleasing choice of color and shades of your formal wear. It is true that a formal attire you choose must suit you as well for a perfect impression.