5-Star Bathroom

I never thought that there is this place called "5-star Bathroom" just like a "5-star Hotel". I saw this kind of thing in a Chinese fast food chain here in SM Manila when me and my friends went and took our lunch there.

When I went to their bathroom, I saw a note that says "5-Star Bathroom". I got curious and opened the door to take a look of it. Want to know what I have seen? A simple and typical restroom/bathroom. Nothing is unique so I am still wondering why they call it a 5-star bathroom.

For me, a 5-star bathroom is where I can stay all day and have the feeling as if I am hanging out in our living room. The scent is good and enchanting. The surroundings are inviting and calming. there are plants in every corner and has a high-quality materials or furnitures. 
Maybe the fast food chain that I am talking about needs to redesign their bathroom and look for better bathroom suites to satisfy and justify their claims. There are so many other ways to redesign your bathrooms in your home and you can always buy some materials to satisfy your needs.

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