Dota VS. Thesis

As a sophomore student or I must say a Junior student (My school is implementing a Trisemester type of classes so we are more advance, basically I am sophomore but I am taking up subjects for Junior students). We have our technical writing class where we should create our own thesis.

It is kinda frustrating because I hate a lot of researching in the library and doing alot of paper works. We grouped ourselves into 3 and the owner of onestopblogz is one of us. I hope we can work together as a team and beat our professor's as$. =D Kidding.

Since Dota 6.68 has been released, my classmates can not help themselves to play it again and again. But I think they must avoid themselves or restrict themselves right? We should prioritize our thesis first before anything else.

But restricting yourself in doing what you love to do is not easy. Like restricting myself in blogging and earning money online, Heck no! haha! So I cannot blame them.

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