Dota 6.68

Dota is a fascinating game. I am very fascinated how the game attracted its players like the people I know well. They are keep on talking about the game and the techniques that they used or using all the time. It is kind of irritating sometimes because I am becoming out-of-place since I am not a player. I never tried opening the game by the way. But thanks to my blog visitors who kept on reminding me to blog about the DotA 6.68 or simply 6.68.

I know that this post is kinda late because Dota 6.68 have been released weeks or months from now.  But I am seeing avid players who waited for 6 months for the release of the official Dota 6.68 Map. My friend from onestopblogz who is also an avid player of this game said that the previous release of Dota Map was full of bugs and always logging so thank you IceFrog for releasing this wonderful Dota 6.68 Map.

IceFrog introduced 4 new heroes, 2 items, a new gold system, and a new captain mode. I know that you are all interested for this so here they are.

Looking for Dota 6.68 Changelogs?
Check it here.

Download Dota AllStars 6.68 Map
Download it here.

I hope this page helps you. For more information about the game, you can always visit my blog for updates.

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