Llama's Journal's New Feature: ChatBox

I have put a chatbox before on this blog and it goes out well. But in the middle of my blogging life, I decided to removed it because I don't know where to put it since I am not good with tweaking HTML codes.

But today, I am proud to say that this blog has its new ChatBox from shoutmix. I have chosen shoutmix because their chatboxes are more elegant than the others. They also have the cutest smiley faces ever.

ChatBox Rules and Regulations:

  • No bashing. I believe that the people who are staying on my blog are the good ones. I supposed.=)
  • No cursing. That is not good. Believe me. You will just ruin your name online.
  • No spamming. Everyone hates spammers right? Spam the chatbox and I will ban you. You can post your links as many as you want but people knows what to click and not. You are just wasting your time and effort typing those links by the way.
  • Be Friendly. Do this and everything will go well. Meet awesome people on this blog.
Have fun with the new feature of my blog guys! You can also see a chatbox on DeejSpeaks. =)


  1. Best way to interact with your visitors..=)