Pokwang removed in Wowowee?

The King will be back. That's what people says right now. After its long vacation, Willie Revillame will now return as a host in his show Wowowee. Again, I am not a fan of the show and I will never watch it whoever the host is but I cannot take what is happening right now. ABS-CBN must remove Willie Revillame in the station because of what he showed to the public but I think, Revillame is holding an ace.

Regarding to this issue, there are rumors about the plan of reformatting the said noontime show. The name, the games, the theme, or even the host. They are not yet confirmed though

Was Pokwang removed in Wowowee? And I have read an article about RR Rodriguez will be removed too. Well that kinda sucks for the show. Pokwang did a lot to the show and she is one of the most outstanding host in the shoe. She is an advantage.

If I were to choose between Willie and Pokwang ruling the show, I will 100% choose Pokwang over Revillame. Who the hell is he by the way? He is not good at all. I am very disappointed about the ABS-CBN management.

What can you say about this Wowowee controversy people? Speak up and we will listen.


  1. dapat nagpapakatotoo..di ba nagsabi na mag resign..bakit babalik..

  2. Geez! Pokwang and Willie? What an insult to Pokwang. I'll choose her over that schmuck any day.

  3. hay naku sorry sa mga maka willi kasi di ako nawiwili sa kanya...i know how he treated people like the staff of wowowoweee...para syang miari ng ABS=CBN kung maka asta sa mga staff nya. di lang kasi nakikita ng mga tao yan, pero ako nakikita ko dahil palagi ako doon noon...hahahaha

  4. Willie may have the attitude but accept it, Wowowee is nothing without him.

    Like how many guest hosts would you really want to see trying on Wowowee? Robin is a big name but was he successful?