Firewalk BootCamp in The Philippines by John Calub

Walk on fire and you will become rich. That is like the goal of the firewalk boot camp here in the Philippines. They are conducting this very expensive seminar (around 15,000 pesos) for you to overcome your fear and insecurities like bend a metal using your neck and walk on fire (not really on fire but on coal). Though we all know that walking on coal is not that harmful to our feet because the coal is absorbing the heat. What a nonsense!

I have blogged this topic before and I talked about the firewalk bootcamp by John Calub. You know what I got? Crappy comments. They say that I should attend the seminar first for me to prove it. All I can say is "I will choose to invest my 15,000 pesos to a MLM project for me to double that money than pay that for that seminar!".

Today, I got another brilliant comment. He said that I cannot express myself in writing. So you are a genius huh? You think you can express yourself in writing? If you can, go get your own blog and attract thousand of visitors per day! If you can get that, I will personally close this blog! I dare you! *devil laugh*

If you want to be rich, you will study hard, invest money in a way that you can double your income. Not on walking on coal and bending a metal using your neck.

Try to eat a cockroach or kill a clown. Maybe it works.

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