Willie Revillame will come back in Wowowee?

This news is very alarming nowadays. I have watched a news in TV Patrol regarding the interview of Meryl Soriano (Daughter of Willie Revillame). She said that her dad will be busy again because he might be on wowowee again. Well, mixed thoughts are involved in this issue. Some people wants it to happen but some of them don't and that includes me.

If you don't know that Willie Revillame and Jobert Sucaldito issue, you better know it for you to decide. I am not really watching the show but I think wowowee is better with their new host even though they are not that good at it. I can take it but now Revillame. I can't take his green jokes and I don't want to see him anymore. Oh Please!

I hope he won't read this. He might sue me you know. Haha! But I am sure Jobert will help me. lol

So what do you think Guys? Do you want Willie Revillame back in Wowowee? My answer would be a big NO! Now I am angry!

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