How to get payment on Adbrite?

Since putting adsense here on my blog is no longer possible, I searched for some websites that is like adsense where I can earn money by displaying ads on my blog's pages. I have researched a lot and tried almost all of them like the bidvertise, project wonderful and adbrite. But I have to choose only one to limit the ad block here on my blog so I chose adbrite (you can see my adbrite ad on the header).

My adbrite is running for like 4 months now and because of the traffic that I am getting from google and adgitize, I am able to get a fair amount of clicks on my adbrite ads. I have set the minimum cashout for $20 and reached it for 3 months. Now, I already have $30.00 on my account but I keep on questioning myself "How can I my payment on Adbrite?".

Some of the adbrite publishers said that the payments are made automatically and usually every 10th of each months. So what is wrong with my account? I have reached $20.00 before the 10th of June but I am not receiving any money. 

Want to know the answer? I have read this information on adbrite help page and they said that if you reached the minimum cashout, the money needs to be on the net-60 basis. Meaning they should be on queue for 2 more months. After the net-60 basis, that will be the time where they will process your cheque.

Patience is a virtue...What a cliche...

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