Fairy Tail 190

Here I am again posting an update about the most read manga series in the world wide web. Fairy Tail is an interesting manga series because some readers find it cool and perfectly fit to them. This page will provide details about the latest update on Fairy Tail manga series. The latest chapter that was published was chapter 189 so basically, Fairy Tail 190 is not yet available.

The title of the latest chapter of fairy tail is "The boy from that time". You can read it here. About fairy tail chapter 190, you can talk about it on the comment box below so all of you can exchange thoughts about the next phase of the manga. You can always send me your raw spoilers and prediction so I can publish it here. I will give you some credits for that.

This manga series will be updated every two weeks so you should wait a little bit. Make sure to bookmark this page for more details.

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