Naruto Manga Chapter 486

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Naruto Manga Chapter 486 is entitled "The Third Answer" but this is just a prediction of an avid fan.

Previously: ‘I’m not going to be killed by you or be the hero who killed you! Neither!!’ –They clash!-

Kakashi: (Where are they)
Sakura: …(Naruto, please bring him back)…

*The water falls down to reveal Naruto and Sasuke grabbing eachother’s hands trying to push one another away.*

Sasuke: Not bad..yet not good enough!
Naruto: !

*Sasuke jumps up to do a salto while he’s holding on to Naruto, trying to pin him down to the ground.*

Naruto: Sasuke..
Sasuke: Too late! *Pins Naruto down and holds his head in the water*
Kakashi: ..(Something’s wrong)..
Sasuke: What?!
*The water around Sasuke starts to rise*

Kakashi: (Cloak!)
Sakura: (Just like that time..)
Sasuke: Shit! *jumps away*

Naruto: *standing up* Sasuke, I know you hate it when they say this, but you’re too weak right now. You know you can’t win against us. You don’t have to crush Konoha and I don’t want to kill you. Tobi is manipulating you. The destruction of Konoha is exactly what he wants.

Sasuke: Don’t you call me weak..
Naruto: …
Sasuke: I can kill you whenever I want to!
Naruto: hhh!
Sasuke: !! *coughs up blood*
Kakashi: (He’s fast!)
*Naruto in Sage-Mode looking up to Sasuke’s eyes*

Naruto: Open your eyes, it’s still not too late.

Sasuke: *cough* (His did he-)

Naruto: *Pulls his fist back* Sasuke, we can make Konoha understand without destroying it. It was wrong what they did, but the villagers still see the Uchiha as an elite clan. It’s pride is still intact. Please, open your eyes! –One whole panel with Naruto’s face on it-

Sasuke: Kill me..kill me..there’s no other choice. I won’t lose to you by accepting defeat. You are my ‘rival’, so finish what you couldn’t, 2 years ago..

Naruto: Why are you so stubborn. You aren’t losing at all. If you’re an Uchiha, why are you representing the evil? Why are you on Tobi’s side!

*Grabs Sasuke’s shirt*

Sasuke: You can’t kill me? Coward. You’re not worthy a Hokage. At least Kakashi was ready to kill me. You are the weakling right here.

*Suddenly, from far away, inside the woods, someone comes out of a tree..*
Tobi: Oh great, the three of them together.. Good job, Sasuke..
Naruto: !-SFXnotice- (I see..)
Sasuke: huh
*Naruto jumps back*

-Kagebunshin no Jutsu-
*The Kagebunshin that’s holding Kakashi disappears and the new one walks towards Kakashi*

Tobi: hmm (What will you do, Kyuubi?)

Kakashi: I understand. Great job, Naruto.
Sasuke: (What are they talking about)
Naruto: *Walking towards Sasuke* I’ll kill you right here and now.
Sasuke: There you go, heheh.. Changed your mind?
Tobi: Hmph, (He’ll lose this battle. But I can’t step in either..)

What’s wrong with Naruto? He just changed his mind like it was nothing? And what’s Kakashi talking about? ‘’Great job, Naruto’’???

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