Naruto Chapter 484

Naruto Chapter 484. This is my first post regarding to manga topic like this one about naruto chapter 484. Hoping that this post will give some tut you know? But if you came here accidentally hoping to see some naruto chapter 484 spoilers or pictures or snapshots. Maybe you should wait a little bit because I heard that Naruto confirmed that they will post naruto 484 raw pictures, naruto 484 scripts, and naruto 484 summary.The advance release of those things usually happened every Tuesday Night, Philippine time (GMT+8).

While waiting for Naruto Chapter 484, what do you think will happen? Hit the comment box and made your own Naruto Chapter 484 story line. It is free by the way.=] For updates about One Piece next chapter, you can read One Piece Chapter 576.

UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 485 spoilers and prediction.

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