Naruto Chapter 488 Spoilers and Predictions

If you haven't read my last post about Naruto Chapter 487 Spoiler, you better go to that link before reading this entire post. I came to different forums about Naruto series but I only found Predictions not Spoilers. So this post is just a prediction from an avid fan of naruto manga series. 

Naruto Chapter 488 Predictions:

[Kabuto invades the hidden Waterfall Village. What is he planning?]

(The three shinobi that were restrained by Kabuto’s snakes, dies… Kabuto then tosses their bodies across the pavement and withdraws his snakes.)

Kabuto: Now, to find this village’s leader… After I kill him, I will convince the Damiyou of this country to make me this village’s leader. He, he, he… And with the experimental subjects, and all of Orochimaru-sama’s bases under my direct command, I can put up quite the resistance here… No one will interfere with my projects.

Kabuto (in thought): I will surpass Orochimaru-sama… I will continue his research and take his studies further than he could ever hope to… There are still unsolved mysteries surronding jutsu… I must solve them all… I must… I’ll need more than a life time, several times more… Chakra consumption for jutsu, handseals for molding jutsu, how long it takes to learn jutsu based off the individual’s skill level, and the complications of implanting bloodline based jutsu into subjects…

There are so many equations, so many possible outcomes… There must be potentially thousands of combinations. I must know all of the equations… I must know the true extent to jutsu’s growth. That is the only way to surpass Orochimaru-sama….

(Kabuto makes a grin, and then a long prehensile tongue sags out of his mouth, much like Orochimaru’s did. The scene switches over to Konoha. Shikaku, Kakashi, and Shikamaru walks out of the Konoha hospital shack and into the streets of the village.)

Kakashi: It seems Madara was tight-lipped… We didn’t get anything we didn’t already know out of her…

Shikaku: Although, I wish things could have gone better, it’s good to see that you’ve come out on top as the Hokage… We sure as hell didn’t want that old hound calling the shots….

Shikamaru: Is it true that Sasuke took care of Danzou too? Mannn… That guy’s becoming a real handful… It’s getting harder and harder to relate with Naruto after hearing that. But I heard Sakura contributed to a lot of confusion… Gosh, women are so-… (Shikaku punches him.)

Shikaku: Watch what you speak!

Shikamaru: I’m just sayin! Geesh!

Kakashi: Shikamaru… Considering you worked well for Tsunade, and Shizune is tasked with overseeing Sakura’s training, I was wondering if you’d help me with the paper work, security checking, and battlefield plans that I need help with… I know you’re more than capable…

Shikamaru: *sigh* What a drag… (Shikaku places his hand on Shikamaru’s shoulder.)

Shikaku: Do it son… It’s not like we go to war every day, or something…

Shikamaru: Gee, thanks dad… You make it seem like that’s some sort of thing to get excited over.

(The scene switches over to Danzou’s lair underground… Hyou is giving a speech to his fellow Root, who fills the chamber.)

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