Naruto Chapter 487 Spoiler

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Sasuke recognises Naruto and from now on, he will consider killing (defeating?) Naruto his number 1 [priority]. He heads back with Madara, having decided to transplant Itachi's eyes.
As expected, Kisame is no half work
edit-Kisame infiltrated the Lightning Country within the Samehada, so he can capture the Eight-Tails now that he's alone, as he agreed with Madara during their previous conversation. What was killed was a clone created by Zetsu's technique that was used as a substitute to feign [Kisame's] death.

Finally, we see Kabutomaru setting out to some country. I don't know which one, but he was finally able to become familiar with his body. He uses the White Snake to kill some country's ninja.

It ends with this.
Sasuke's number one priority is to kill Naruto.
Madara tells Sasuke that Itachi's eye can using
Kisame is alive
Kisame is in lightning country?
Hachibi is dancing and rapping and uses a racist term (shocked) Hachibi uses NIJI technique at white Zetsu
Before Madara arrived he decided to tell Zetsu to pretend to be Kisame and used a bunshin to die as Kisame's body (fake death of Kisame) It looked as though Kisame was dead
Finally Kabutomaru appears in an country somwehere, not sure which country
Kabuto is the power of the white snake (orochimaru will rebirth)
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