Free Download of Mobile X-Ray or Xray

I saw this TV commercial about Mobile X-Ray that is an application for your mobile phones. I am not sure if this is real but I think this is just for april fools or something because they can't really make an X-ray application for mobile phones right? If they can create one, that would be awesome so we will not pay for the x-ray service in the hospital.

If you want to download Mobile X-Ray for free, read the entire post because I will post the link later. I want to download it too just to prank my classmates this April Fools I am sure that this mobile x-ray is a cool prank for april fools.

The advantage of this mobile x-ray is you can see if your bones are okay. haha! DUH! But I saw an advertisement about this application or software. He censored the butt of the girl and the mobile x-ray did its job. haha! Cool right?

Download this application Mobile X-Ray for free here
Note: I am not encouraging you to download this application because I am not sure if this will be good for your mobile phone or we are not sure if your mobile phone is safe from any viruses. Download the file on your own risk.

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