Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Pictures, Videos, and Reactions

Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Pictures is a HOT topic on the web right now. It started last sunday in ASAP XV that was held at Boracay. I think Anne Curtis is doing her number then suddenly her swimsuit or wardrobe malfunctioned.

Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction Pictures

I watched ASAP XV last sunday but haven't noticed this issue so if you know something about this Anne Curtis wardrobe scandal please tell the whole story or it is much better if you post some links where I can watch the video.

A lot of reactions has been said to other blogs out there but my opinion is this is just an accident. And it is perfectly fine right? She is dancing, enjoying her number the suddenly, her wardrobe dropped partially. I mean what is wrong with that?

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  1. waaaaa....hhehehe...wardrobe exciting....joke! dko napanood yung ASAP....:)

  2. well i think news has an incorrect title for this.
    It is not wardrobe malfunction... pinaganda nio lang eh...
    sam milby accidentally pull ann curtis bra. kz naman hindi iningatan ni sam ung kanyang partner... hindi ksalanan ni ann, ang dapat sisihin ay si sam milby. tapos ngayon gagawa kayo ng mga palusot na intriga...
    si marian rivera nga hindi ininda ung ganyang intriga... its a natural faulty choreography...
    no need to make it a good story.
    kaya sam, wag ka ng magpa effect na ala kang ksalanan!
    Ann, dont be so very affected...
    move on...

  3. ndi man lng ba nya nhalta??

  4. imposible na hindi nya mahalata...bakit fake ba boobs nya???