Sino si Pepito Manaloto?| Who is Pepito Manaloto?

I saw a television ad on GMA7 a while ago asking "Sino si Pepito Manaloto?" in english "Who is Pepito Manaloto?". That TV ad is very confusing and puzzling. Who the hell is Pepito Manaloto by the way?

So I searched for the keyword Pepito Manaloto then I got these results.

Sino si Pepito manaloto?

Pepito Manaloto is a taho vendor.
Pepito manaloto is a driver.
Pepito manaloto is a top-notcher on a nursing exam. =]
Pepito Manaloto is a popular Model in abroad.

haha! Those results are just my idea about Pepito manaloto. LOL!
But the real Pepito Manaloto is the newest show of GMA 7 starring Michael V. This show is the replacement for Michael V's show which is Showwwtime.

Therefore, I conclude that Pepito Manaloto is no other that Michael V.!


  1. Pepito Manaloto is going to be a "My name is Earl" Ripoff. Shame on GMA to think that Filipinos are not going to see this a mile away or that no one would care. Shame on Michael V for thinking this way too. His pool of originality is 3cm. deep these days.

  2. The only thing in this sitcom is Ms.MANILYN REYNES i think she's one of the nicest actress and versatile i enjoy watching her in "ded na si lolo" and i keep longing for more of ms.mane...she's very light in terms of acting and different attack it's good to see her on television again!!! way up to go ms.manilyn reynes!!!i'm still waiting for this sitcom!!!let's see it's too early "earl" for us to say bad comments!!!

  3. binasa ko ung plot ng My name is Earl ...then kinompare ko sa Pepito Manaloto... there seemed to have a similarity...pero nde nman cla TOTALLY ALIKE.. sa my name is earl... ung bida eh nag-start na masama... den inencurage nila ung theme na "good karma".... while in pepito manaloto... nag-start xa sa mabuti... in tym...baka mapasama xa dahil sa inpluwensya ng PERA... then eventually... ung ending ang dapat malaman...---kung which way would pepito go...the good side/his old humble self...or bad side. ^__^

  4. Thanks for sharing what you have researched mister..=]

  5. Tnx for the info mister anonymous, thought that pepito manaloto was an original script tsk!

  6. copied or not i think it would be a great show that will make people laugh even in hardships nowadays.. so stop posting any bad comments. you want an original one you make one..!!!!!

  7. I dont really know why people are saying bad comments about this...LOOK it didnt even start yet...why dont you guys comment on this when the show is actually showing.